About TWAL Wallet

It begins with total security.

The proposed device is a security device to identify the user for enabling them to use the mobile wallet/ any other secure transaction. The device includes the following..

  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Camera Interface for the face reorganization, verification & authentication
  • BT for communicating with the phone
  • LCD interface on the device for the status indication
  • USB interface to connect to PC and record the fingerprint and face reference , battery
  • Charging ( back up of the battery we can specify)
  • All the authentication should be done on the device
  • The device will verify the finger recognize the fingers first and then the face.
  • Once both the reorganization is completed, it will need to send the unique ID to the phone.

App which will be authenticated for the wallet operation.


kills and expertise to execute this project

Project Technical Overview and Scope of Work.

Proposed Approach and Strategy to execute this project.

Schedule and Effort estimation.

Warranty Terms.


Please note the dimensions ( L * W * H = 8.5 * 5.5 * 0.5 ) . A proposal There are 4 parts to the device –

Early adopters can earn up to a 200% bonus based on the final token value should we reach our 100 mil tokens hardcap during our planned token sale event

  • Finger scan plate (rectangle).
  • Face scan with camera (two circles on top).
  • Display to show the status of a transaction / scan (if it is proper or not and whether it requires re-scanning).
  • Charging point to charge the device similar to how Samsung phone has.
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