Specification Of the TWAL

It begins with total security.

The hardware for TWXHW POC shall be built with off-the-shelf module. The hardware includes the below module/boards.

  • Control board (Raspberry Pi / Intel Galileo board for the control of the sensor and image processing).
  • Last Generation Capacitive Finger print sensor module.
  • State of the Art High End Sensor and Image Processing Control Board.
  • Bluetooth module for the communication.
  • Display or LED’s for visual indication.

Upon wakeup/power on the board will wait for the finger print data from the finger print module, if the finger print module detects any finger impression, the finger print module sends the data to the control board which in-turn compares the finger print data stored in memory and the data received from the finger print module. If the finger print matches, the same will be indicated via the LED. For enrolling the user’s finger print, we plan to use the software provided by the manufacturer.

Once the finger print data is matched, the control board shall activate the camera module and the facial recognition algorithm. Upon matching the facial image data with the stored image of the user, the control board will indicate the status to the LED.

The success rate and repeatability of the facial recognition depends upon the robustness of the algorithm used, however for the purpose of proof of concept we plan to use open source algorithm which may not have the robustness and repeatability of the commercially available algorithms. If the finger print doesn’t match with the stored finger print data, the LED will indicate the same.

If the fingerprint and Face detection matches, a success command shall be sent to the phone which it is paired. For the POC, we will not implement any algorithm for the Bluetooth communication, we can do the same in the final hardware. The packet format for the data communication between the POC and the Phone app will be defined during the design. The TWEX wallet app need to modify for accepting the data during the communication.

Regarding the enclosure, we plan to get Capacitive Finger print sensor module enclosure, which can be customized based on our requirement. Please note that, we will not be designing the enclosure for the POC.


Scope Of the Work

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